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Feb 25, 2011 8:00pm EST
president obama is joining forces with the unions and actually ruining the economy. but progressives say the president is keeping the union fight at arm's lent. former governor jennifer granholm joins us. >>> and a man at a town hall for republicans, congressman paul broun asked when will the president be shot, and the congressman laughs. and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >>> as the rnc goes after president obama tying him to the union agenda,ç the media arm, x news, declares the political discord in wisconsin union busting. >>> and a man at a town hall asks when is going to shoot obama. it took republican congressman paul broun three days to figure out he should condemn what he heard. >>> 100% politics. have you looked at the list of the
Feb 25, 2011 6:00pm EST
obama in 2007. >> and understand this, if american workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when i'm in the white house, i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself and walk on that picket line with you as president of the united states ofç america, because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner. >> oh, that is so true. where is that man? where is he? what happened? now that you're in the white house you couldn't find a comfortable pair of shoes to get out there on that picket line. he said i'll be right there with you. since thursday, not a word, not a word. what has he done since collective bargaining rights of the people in wisconsin have been challenged? i'm telling you. he doesn't have comfortable shoes on, he has comfortable slippers on. and he put them on. of course, the excuse he always uses is oh, no, it would be a distraction. it would seem like -- of course it's political! it's a tough political fight. you know who they could use? they could use their leader. but he hasn't gone out there. he hasn't even said
Feb 10, 2011 6:30pm EST
sentamos cara a cara esta tarde con la primera dama michel obama al cumplirse el primer aniversario de su campaña nacional en contra de la obesidad infantil. >> (♪). >> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y desde la capital de la nación, maría elena salinas. >>o univno muy de cercanoticier mubarak de renunciar dondeunivio michel obama sobre la obesidad y lo que considera un asuntiocier exclusiva adelante. >> gracias comenzamos el noticiero con una entrevista en exclusiva con el gobernador del estado de méxico enrique peña nieto. >> lo inusual de esta entrevists han dicho abiertamente que quieren ser presidente de méxico quiere ser presidente de méxico?. >> para todo político alcanzar esta ma esta... sin duda un gran desafío en lo personal. >> respeto las definiciones que otros han tomado de manera anticipada pero respetar que esta definición,isionotih@notic desde hace dos años y las muchas que me han venido haciendo, define se ya, he dicho, a diferencia quizás de los otros actores cuya gestiono responsabilidad concluye al 2012 la mía concluye en el 2012. >> pero
Jan 31, 2011 11:00pm EST
finally tonight, earlier in the text survey, i asked should president obama withdraw u.s. support from the government? results are in. 76% said yes and 24% said no. this is the ed show. we will see you tomorrow night >> i do believe we will transition to mean change. >> peaceful transition to real democracy. >> the white house watches egypt, a new crisis breaks out at home. >> breaking news in the efforts to repeal president obama's health care law. >> a federal judge just declared a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> the judge cited and sued to overturn the law and cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> the up rising is just the latest test for the obama white house. >> some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> everyone's egypt talking points sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not who retains power, but how are we going to respond? >> politics can break out at any moment. >> the worst possible example is what happened to jimm
FOX News
Feb 19, 2011 3:00pm EST
right here tonight. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama held a press conference saying that his budget for 2012 is responsible and will help the country. as you know, the 2012 spending ceiling is $3.7 trillion. deficit $1.1 trillion. many economists saying that is far too high. also rather embarrassing that the president's own debt commission says he is not doing nearly enough to solve the financial crisis in america. tonight talking points hits a very simple strategy. the u.s. government must go back to 2008 and spend the same amount of money that it did before the recession hit. the budget in 2008 of the $2.9 trillion. $2.9 trillion. almost a trillion dollars less than the 2012 proposal. the deficit in '08 was $458 billion, 60% lower than the projected deficit in '12. let's go back to 2008. that would mean the defense department would get $612 billion instead of $884 billion. department of energy would get $21 billion instead of $30 billion and the department of education would get 66 billion instead of 77. now, the department of education sp
Feb 1, 2011 2:00am EST
and 24% said no. this is the ed show. we will see you tomorrow night >>> big test for obama, this is "hardball". >>> good evening i'm chris >>> good evening i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight who is next. to appreciate what's happening in cairo and potential for spreading beyond egypt consider this. a reporter reports chinese authorities are censoring the word egypt from social networking sites. if the chinese government is worried imagine the frayed nerves in syria, saudi arabia, jordan and other countries in the middle east. for a seventh straight day crowds gathered in cairo today calling for an to end the three decade-long regime of hosni mubarak. he's promising not to fire on protesters but also refusing to step aside. mubarak sitting avenue cabinet has done nothing to blunt calls for his removal. we'll go to richard engel for the latest. there's something at stake for the united states which is careful not to choose sides publicly. egypt is a u.s. ally of course and has helped keep the peace with israel. it's a partner in the struggle against islamic
Feb 26, 2011 10:00pm CST
president obama calls for longtime leader small marta step down. >> doing what just recently was considered unfathomable this amateur video shows protesters marching with the old libyan flag, the one used before the gadhafi regime decades ago. as more and more territory falls into the hands of protesters gaddafi's horses have made a stand with reports of united nations headquarters the security council was called to discuss sanctions against the regime. >> the deeply disturbing situation in libya... the fires must stop. so brutally shedding the blood must be punished. >> president barack obama has ordered a freeze at it's important that any penalties don't heard the libyan people. >> not as many layoffs this year but to counter workers will still feel the budget package. the number of days it will have to take off without pay. >> are member of my rahm emmanuel's transition scheme had to step aside when he was asked questions about ethics violations. >> we will end the weekend with some rain and maybe some more snow but tonight's problem is the ice. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need
Feb 11, 2011 6:30pm EST
hija de 10 años de edad >>> y la primera dama obama, dice si su esposo sacrificó la reforma migratoria por impulsar la reforma de salud ununivisión, con jorge ramos, yv jóvenes, reclamando libertad y democracia hay júbilo en las calles de egipto muy buenas noches, desde washington son maría elena salinas, el mundo fue testigo de un hecho histórico el presidente de egipto renunció, cediendo ante la revolución pacífica de su pueblo los egipcios están en celebración y júbilounivisionots a la democracia, tenemos un reporte ♪ . >>> gracias, sin lugar a dudas han sido 18 días que cambiaron v egipto y sacudieron los cimientos el ahora presiisioe, no ticier i contener el descontenopopulaero una fiesta interminable >>> de un momento a otro, la ira se convirtió en felicidad, miles de personas agolpadas, escucharon por fin lo que esperaban con tanta ansiedad. el hombre fuerte de egipto, dejaba el poder >>> estamos muy orgullosos de haber conseguido lo que queríamos >>> estoy feliz y muy agradecida >>> hacía menos de 24 horas, que él mismo había declarado que se qued
Feb 11, 2011 6:30pm PST
presidencia de egipto >>> el presidente barack obama, dijo que el pueblo egipcio es un ejemplo les pidió preparar el camino a unas elecciones justas >>> un jurado delibera en arizona, en el juicio contra una mujer, está acusada de asesinar a un inmigrante y su hija de 10 años de edad >>> y la primera dama obama, dice si su esposo sacrificó la reforma migratoria por impulsar la reforma de salud >>> este es su noticiero univisión, con jorge ramos, y desde la capital de la nación [gritos] >>> cayó mubarak, después de 30 años en el poder, en 18 días de manifestaciones pacíficas de jóvenes, reclamando libertad y democracia hay júbilo en las calles de egipto muy buenas noches, desde washington son maría elena salinas, el mundo fue testigo de un hecho histórico el presidente de egipto renunció, cediendo ante la revolución pacífica de su pueblo los egipcios están en celebración y júbilo la dictadura y represión llegaron a su fin pero aún hay muchas preguntas sobre el camino a la democracia, tenemos un reporte ♪ . >>> gracias, sin lugar a dudas han sido 18 día
Feb 4, 2011 6:00pm PST
of progress in discussions over the transfer of power with egypt's vice president. president obama urges president mubarak to listen to the people and calls for change in egypt to begin now. >> in light of what's happened over the last two weeks, going back to the old ways is not going to work. >> welcome to bbc news broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and right around the globe. tension escalates between thailand and cambodia. both sides blame each other. and the husband of the shot u.s. congresswoman says he's going to resume training for the final flight of the space shuttle endeavour. thousands of people as well stayed in central cairo after another huge rally demanding the resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak. there are reporting of gunfire near the square. protests build friday as the day of departure but president mubarak is still hanging on to power. activists are saying that, although they plan demonstration, people are encouraged to return to work. >> from early this morning, they were celebrating what they were calling the day of the departure with special cha
FOX News
Feb 2, 2011 1:00am EST
of the first supporters of then senator obama over senator clinton to be president. then she has last august this vote in missouri some horrendous percentage, 70% wanted to dump the individual mandate. now she has to do backpedaling. what is she going to do? >> i don't know. the secretary of health and human services has granted 2.2 million waivers. >> greta: that takes the money out of the system so who going to pay? >> 167 unions. >> greta: how many? >> 167 unions, 880,000 union employees. >> greta: how many got waivers? >> 40% have gone to union employees, just 7% of the workforce. total now of over 500 waivers, 2.2 million americans. we think every american ought to be able to get a waiver from this terrible health care law. >> greta: when do we get a vote on your bill? >> we don't know. repeal and replace will be voted on tomorrow. i hope it passes. i hope we start over. john and you are committed to making sure this amendment is placed on any bill that comes through the senate until we get a vote. if the people of this country could speak not just judges this bill would be released our
Feb 1, 2011 3:00am EST
on the efforts to repeal. >> a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> this is widely anticipated ruling. >> the judge sided with 26 institutes arguing that the federal government cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> florida has become the second judge to declare that part of the law unconstitutional. >> the uprising in egypt is just the latest political test for the obama white house. >> there are some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> meanwhile, everyone's egypt talking point, sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not a question of who retains power. it's how are we going to respond? >> but politics could break out at any moment. >> big test for obama. >> and the worst possible example would be what happened to jimmy carter. the carter white house became trapped in the rose garden and failed to win reelection. >> the white house has been scrambling to respond. >> thus far pleased at the strength that it has taken place. >>
Feb 7, 2011 5:00pm EST
police. and what's the worst part about being president of the united states? president obama may wish he could take another stab at answering that question and talk a little bit less about himself. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the observeway white house is warning egypt that words are not enough. no more, and that the mubarak government must take concrete steps towards greater freedom and democracy. let's go straight to the white house. our correspondent dan lothian is joining us with the latest. sensitive times, dan, for the president, but these are critically important issues. >> reporter: that's right, and all of the energy here at the white house is focused on strongly encouraging this transition process along, realizing that it is not easy because, as one official pointed out here at the white house today, the situation on the ground in egypt changes from hour to hour, so as robert gibbs says it's going to be a bumpy road. strolling back to the white house from his u.s. chamber of commerce speech president obama struck an optimistic tone on the process to resolv
FOX News
Feb 11, 2011 6:00pm EST
different egypt. thank you. >>> clearly relieved president obama reacted to the news this afternoon. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us what he said. >> reporter: after a roller coaster ride of events in the middle east, left a long-time dictator and ally of the united states topple from power, president obama praised the egyptian people for the way they change the course of their country. >> it was the moral force of non-violence, not terrorism, not mindless killing. but non-violence. moral force. that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: he expressed the significance of a shared experience. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. >> reporter: yesterday, the president made the same observation and definitely got ahead of the event in egypt. >> what is absolutely clear we are witnessing history unfold. >> reporter: in the morning, c.i.a. director leon panetta said there is a strong likelihood that mubarak would step down that evening and in an hour, walk back the statement. spokesperson f
Feb 10, 2011 6:30pm PST
contrademanda. >> nos sentamos cara a cara esta tarde con la primera dama michel obama al cumplirse el primer aniversario de su campaña nacional en contra de la obesidad infantil. >> (♪). >> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y desde la capital de la nación, maría elena salinas. >> muy de cerca reaccionan a la negativa del dictador hosni mubarak de renunciar donde hablamos con la primera dama michel obama sobre la obesidad y lo que considera un asunto de seguridad nacional tendremos esto en solo minutos pero antes vamos a nuestros estudios con jorge ramos y una entrevista exclusiva adelante. >> gracias comenzamos el noticiero con una entrevista en exclusiva con el gobernador del estado de méxico enrique peña nieto. >> lo inusual de esta entrevista que nos dio un documento médico con el que trata aclarar las verdaderas causas de la muerte de su primera esposa en enero de 2007 pero antes le pregunté a peña nieto sobre sus aspiraciones presidenciales. >> otros posibles candidatos nos han dicho abiertamente que quieren ser presidente de méxico quiere ser presidente de méx
Feb 11, 2011 4:00am EST
obama issued a critical and blunt statement following mubarak's latest defiant stand. now, clearly impatient, mr. obama said the universal rights of the egyptian people must be respected. quote, the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority. the president said, but it is not clear yet that this transition is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. ines ferre is in washington with more on this. good morning, ines. >> reporter: good morning, betty. and president obama held a late-night meeting at the white house with his national security team. they're scrambling right now, after being caught off guard by the latest turn of events. the white house was as surprised as anyone president mubarak did not step down. in a statement last night, president obama criticized the egyptian leader for not offering his people the reforms they demand. it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the word, it read. the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they h
Feb 17, 2011 5:00pm EST
at the wisconsin state capital. as you said, the drama has made it all the way to the without. president obama criticized the budget bill, saying that it seemed like it was, quote, short-sighted thinking on the part of the governor. listen here to president obama. >> i would say, as a general proposition, that everybody's got to make some adjustments to new fiscal realities. we had to impose, for example, a freeze on pay increases for federal workers for the next two years as part of my overall budget freeze. on the other hand, some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. >> reporter: the president through press secretary jay carney, he reiterated his boss's point, saying the president doesn't think this is the right way to fix a shorefall, but on the other end, john boehner is criticizing the president and defending scott walker. in a statement he released, he said, in part, quote, rather than shouten down those in office who speak honestly about the challen
Feb 14, 2011 12:30am EST
president obama talks about the budget and education. we will also have reaction from the pentagon, the white house budget office, and members of congress. on tuesday, the house is expected to start debate on a bill that proposes a broad reductions in fiscal year 2011 spending levels possible vote later in the week. live health coverage on c-span. tomorrow on c-span3, a hearing on public employee pensions and state financial problems. our live coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> we are focused with the threat is. our goal is to protect whatever consumers or employees use. >> monday, cyber security on the communicator's on c-span2. >> not a look at the week ahead for the president and congress. this is just under an hour. "washington journal" continues. host: our sunday round table, welcome back. let's begin with c-pac conference which wrapped up yesterday. coming in first in the non- binding straw poll again this year, texas commerce ron paul getting 30%. what do you read into those numbers? guest: ron paul has proved to be pretty popular. this group -- the tracks c
FOX News
Feb 15, 2011 8:00pm EST
to the discretionary budget rather than a machete. >> bill: president obama's budgets far too big and will not stand. we will tell you what should be done and debate it with crowley, colmes, and dobbs. >> police in menace us is were responding to a blood bath. four people were shot. >> bill: is it legal very busy tonight. illegal alien in virginia allegedly murders three people. a member of the minutemen convicted of murder. and david beckham loses big in court. >> i just wanted to ask you a quick question. >> is this an ambush? >> listen, this is not how do you an ambush, man. you have got to have a real camera first of all. >> bill: once again a far left loon confronts factor producer jesse waters. it didn't turn out well for the guy. >> like a smile usually helps. a little tip. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the factor will solve the deficit crisis right here tonight. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama held a press conference today saying that
FOX News
Feb 2, 2011 1:00pm EST
. the number has grown to 733 businesses and unions that have received waivers for the obama care law. here's the problem, megyn. you good to the website, and you call it up and you see unions after unions, indiana u.f.c. local, united crafts benefits, united food, and then you come to the sciu. they have three waivers. here's a group that gave $27 million for mr. obama when he was running for president back in 2008. also, were the most vocal supporters for obama care during the debate and now they're asking for health care waivers for their own groups. 40% of the 733 names on this list are unions. that while only around 11% to 12% of the work force is unionized. let's call it overwhelmingly more popular on this list than the businesses. megyn: isn't that because of the mini med programs they offer? it started to unfold with companies like mcdonald's saying, we give them healthcare, but it's not big medical programs. and they would be penalized in a way that would make them choose getting rid of the policies or paying tons of dough. >> absolutely. megyn: the way i put it more nefari
Feb 14, 2011 6:30pm PST
millones de indocumentados, propuesta por el presidente obama >>> esta iniciativa parte de que obama no está haciendo lo suficiente, cuando sabemos que está deportando más gente que bush >>> el mismo senador fue el auto de la iniciativa del dream act, pero que en diciembre pasado cambió de posición y esto fue para buscar la simpatía del tea party >>> no está ofreciendo soluciones, lo único que ofrece es más política, y propuestas para castigarnos más como comunidad >>> entre los puntos principales de su iniciativa presentada hoy, la libertad bajo palabra, y el aplazamiento de deportación de los indocumentados, se discuta caso por caso también, condicionó el pago federal de millones de dólares por el encarcelamiento de millones de indocumentados asegura la cooperación entre policía y el servicio de inmigración >>> es darle poder a la policía para que pida papeles >>> requiere un sistema de salida con registro del país además de un reporte anual sobre los costos de servicios sociales >>> lo que hace, es avanza mito. la realidad es que el indocumentado no usa y no c
Feb 4, 2011 8:00pm EST
are now starting to blame president obama. >> they say they will not leave until president mubarak goes. >> the entire world is watching. >> egypt pauses. protesters remain in liberty square. mubarak remains in office and uncertainty remains worldwide. >> there needs to be a transition process that begins now. >> it's almost inevitable that president mubarak is going to step down. >> who would be in charge? >> the u.s. is opening that the military will resolve this crisis. >> at the end of the day it matters what's the military say to president mubarak? >> the first allegiance is to the institution and country and not to mubarak. >> we have trained their officers, have we not? >> we have taken steps to quell the violence from yesterday. >> what will emerge during changing of the guard if the old order fails? >> white house stepping up talks with egyptian officials about forming some form of a caretaker government. >> for the first time the violence against reporters turns deadly. >> attacks on reporters are unacceptable. >> two dozen journalists have been detained over the last day or s
FOX News
Feb 10, 2011 4:00am EST
divide is trade. the administration point man on that says president obama will send a deal with south korea to congress soon but the republicans are not satisfie mike emanuel tells us why. >> on capitol hill, the trade representative tried to sell lawmakers on administration commitment to free trade. ambassador ron kirk said they need adjustment. >> colombia and panama have begun to take important steps and we think it's a good signal but more remains to be done. the issues are different. in coalmost byia, there -- colombia, there is long-standing concerns. >> after lunch at the white house with the president, speaker boehner said the house is ready to move forward on free trade now. >> there is a lot of support for south korea. but also quite a bit of support for colombia and panama. it is clear there is an interest to move all three and the sooner the better. >> monday, president mentioned the korea free trade deal once ratified by congress would sustain 70,000 american jobs. >> that is the kind of deal i'll look for as we pursue trade agreements with panama and columbia and work to
Feb 3, 2011 6:30pm EST
caos y que tomaría el poder la extremista hermandadio presión pública y privadaisionn presidente obama. >> sobre egipto la administración dijo teme que mañana haya enfrentamientos más graves está pidiendo a este gobierno que detenga los actos de agresión contra periodistas incluyendo estadounidenses. >> dicen que es su clara responsabilidad. >> (en inglés). >> ella cortó al gobierno y a la representación de la oposición civil y política a comenzar inmediatamente serias negociaciones para una transición pacífica. >> el deseo de libertad básicas ne extiende por la región peronv h@ temivisionoti a lao univun vr isioio lasunivisnoero un maniot o univaron enotio univ finunioni un íionuticier aivisiounivnoti o noticitici yun eionticierivision ticierren funivr elh@ finciero n ivisioerno.univis no seh@anizanisionnoticiunivisur de semana en siria. >> la partida de mubarak afectará a toda la región. >> si cae va haber grandes consecuencias porque hay dictadura en siria y en todas partes. >> existe un grave descontento popular que ningún servicio de inteligencia pudo predecir. >
Feb 27, 2011 7:00am EST
obama is at the white house most of this week. he is in miami on friday. in new york, the un secretary general congratulating the secretary -- security council in taking a united stand against libya. slapping sanctions on the libyaan leader, his family, and assisted. the white house is urging the leader to leave as soon as possible. in wisconsin, the budget battle continues. good morning for this sunday, february 27. if you could advise the president to sit down with one person, who would that be? 202-737-0001 our line for republicans and 202-737-0002 for democrats and if you are an independent, the number to call is 202-628-0205. a look at some of the headlines from outside washington. in madison, wisconsin, saturday's gathering the largest so far as 70,000 demonstrated against the budget cuts. the headline is -- the anatomy of a protest. meanwhile, from the pittsburgh post gazette, obama urges gadhafi to quit. many believe the changes could herald a new dawn of a new epoch after centuries of humiliation in the arab world. the "chicago tribune", rahm emanuel prepares to take over as t
Feb 16, 2011 7:00am EST
, we saw president obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal. if you go to, we have a budget page available. you can look back /budget. with events we have been covering -- hearings. all of it can be found there. we also have a list of amendments for this 2011 spending bill debated in the house. if you are interested in who has to file amendments and what issue, go to, and there you can find a list of amendments. upper marlboro, maryland. libya is a moderate. what do you think? caller: i think there should be moderation and all things. part of the problem is half of the legislators are working on the budget cuts -- and the other half should be working on the jobs bill. it is a no-brainer, if you put people back to work it will make a dent in the deficit. 15 million people unemployed? they would be paying taxes, federal and state taxes, buying appliances and spending money. and another thing that irritates me, when they talk about entitlements. i worked 30 years for my civil service retirement, standing out in the rain and cold and sleet and snow, five degre
Jan 31, 2011 7:00pm EST
>>> that's the show. "hardball" is next. >>> big test for obama, this is "hardball." >>> good evening. who's next to? to appreciate what's happening in cairo consider this -- an nbc producer in beijing reports that chinese authorities are censoring the word egypt from social networking sites. if the chinese government is worried, imagine the frayed nerves in syria, saudi arabia, jordan and other countries in the middle east. for a seventh straight day, crowds gathered in cairo today, calling for an end to the three decade long regime of hosni mubarak, who is promising not to fire on protestors, but is also refusing to step aside. mubarak's seating of a new cabinet has done nothing to blunt calls for his removal. there's also so much at stake for the united states here, which, of course, is being careful not tot choose sides publicly. egypt is a u.s. ally, of course. and it has helped keep the peace with israel, of course. it's a partner in the struggle against islamic fundamentalism. tonight, america's balancing act. robert gibbs said egypt must change, but the outsome is up t
Feb 11, 2011 5:30am EST
.ultioraultima ho. >> mÁs temprano, durante ma hor evento en michigan, el presidente obama fue breve y discreto ante la expectativa de un retiro que no se dio.h@tima l los jÓvenes egipcios han hablado, haremos todo lo que se pueda para garantizar una transiciÓn genuina a la democracia, recalcaba el mandatario. y es que egipto sigue siendo un tema sensitivo para la casa blanca. >> si, pensamos que en mubarak es un problema ahora, se imaginan cÓmo van a ser los graves problemas con la hermandad musulmana. >> pero con mubarak aÚn en el poder el papel futuro de su ejÉrcito, muy unido al respeto popular ante una situaciÓn extrema, sigue siendo una duda. >> el ejÉrcito como un proceso de estabilizaciÓn, pero no represiva necesariamente. horaÁ quisieran escuchar, pero esos soldados vienen del pueblo.ultia >> un ejÉrcito formado por el influjo de constante tecnologÍa estadounidense. una posible represiÓn tendrÍa imÁgenes negativas sobre estados unidos. >> no obstante el presidente obama regresÓ sobre el tema esta noche y en una declaraciÓn escrita dijo que el gobierno de egipto no ha aprovec
Feb 12, 2011 3:00pm EST
of arizona said the obama administration is sticking her with the bill for its failures. we are about to hear from both sides. thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. and give it a whole new life! with the aveeno nourish plus moisturize collection. the only hair care with active naturals wheat formulas, that target even the weakest parts of hair with hydrating proteins to help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] aveeno nourish plus. and for a luxuriously nourishing shower experience, add positively nourishing body washes. visit to save, and discover the power of active naturals. >>> on one side, arizona, on the other, the federal government. the long chapter on illegal immigration. last year, they sued the state of arizona. now, the governor of the state is suing back. >> reporter: security and border control is by far t
Feb 1, 2011 10:00pm EST
the rest of his term. mubarak's announcements came after president obama publicly urged the egyptian leader not to run for another term. president obama addressed the situation in egypt after mubarak spoke. he said, an orderly transition must begin now. >> now, it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. only the egyptian people can do that. what is clear, and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak, is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful. it must be peaceful. and it must begin now. >> and at this hour it's unclear how long the egyptian protests will continue but the reverb rations of this uprising are being felt throughout the middle east and the rest of the world. after weeks of protests in jordan, over the price of food and other issues, king abdula fired his government earlier today. abdula has changed his government in the past but this time is the first time he's done it in response to public demand. for all of the latest, joining us now from cairo is a contributor to "foreign affairs" magazine. thanks for your time tonight. in the w
Feb 1, 2011 1:00pm EST
for the program nationally and locally? those are espoused by ice and the obama administration and those that have been publicly stated by participating state and local levels of government. third, how is the -- how has the program implemented originally or sense the 2009 program revisions by the obama administration? how strong is program oversight and supervision? the u.s. and general government accountability office and dhs office of inspector general have been highly critical in recent reports and we want to see how this was working in practice in our 7-study sites. are the costs, benefits, and community benefits? these are difficult to quantify we do provide the qualitative evidence around these impacts as well as an affirmation more quantitated. finally, we make recommendations for improving the program. there are basically two major framing issues around our findings that i would like you to keep in mind during this presentation. the first of these is on the level of targeting. this has changed somewhat over the course of the program's history. ship date 287-g program focus on people that t
FOX News
Feb 1, 2011 1:00pm EST
, briefing president obama on the severity of this massive storm that's moving across the country. this thing could affect 100 million americans by the time it's through. we're expecting the fema administrator to join robert gibbs for today's white house briefing. you do not see that every day or every storm. mike emanuel is live at the white house. set the stage. what will be the fema's message today? >> the briefing that president obama had with the director of homeland security and fema administrator, mr. fugate, was to be prepared for every possibility, including power outages. mr. fugate will be here with robert gibbs and part of it is emphasizing the serious nature of the storm. we've seen terrible pictures from the midwest. we have blizzard warnings across the upper midwest, all the way down to arkansas. more than 30 states with some advisories and warnings. what the federal government is going to be saying at this briefing is, please pay attention to the warnings, be prepared, and listen to local authorities and local meteorologists for the latest on this severe storm. megyn? megyn: w
Feb 1, 2011 6:00am EST
of accountability by the obama administration for the agreements, situations like these will continue and will be made worse through the expansion of secure communities. i applaud the commendable efforts by local law-enforcement officials like nevada who are using this power judiciously and to take this approach in a very targeted manner. i also applaud their efforts for working with community members to ensure that the focus on the business of public safety and enhancing community policing efforts. however, in a highly-charged political environment like georgia where politics of the day supercede smart law- enforcement practices, then one has to question the delegation of such important federal power of immigration enforcement. when sheriff's with this power refuse to meet with community members to address a very serious concern about the impact of public safety, then one has to question the true priority the obama administration truly has for this program. unfortunately programs in georgia have been subjected to a high degree of politics of the day of law enforcement officials are a
Feb 1, 2011 7:00am EST
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we want to get your thoughts this morning on the obama administration's approach to egypt, what they have done and what they have said so far. the phone numbers are on the screen for you. we have a fourth line for egyptians living in the united states. before we get to your phone calls and hear more from the white house, jim michaels joined us on the phone. jim michaels, "usa today" military writer and he is in egypt. mr. michaels, can you set the scene for us? what is it like? guest: it is a massive protest. what has been remarkable over the past couple of days is just the fact that both sides, despite the tension and the numbers of people and all the risks, both the army and the people protesting have avoided, until now, any confrontation or violence. there are thousands of people pouring into tahrir square. the chanting is going on. it's almost like a festival atmosphere. some people have their faces painted with the egyptian national colors. people are bringing kids in some cases. there's a lot of chanting going on. there's a couple effigies of muba
FOX News
Feb 10, 2011 10:00pm EST
governor brewer fired off a legal missile at the white house, smacking the obama administration with a big fat lawsuit. governor brewer is here. >> president mubarak talks to his nation that backfired big time. it has enraged protesters. he insists he won't step down. ambassador bolton is here. >> you will see it yourself, a live report from cairo egypt. [] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed mo. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ♪ in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities. in here, medical history is brought to life... so doctors can see a patient's medical records -- even if they're away from home. it's more than advanced technology. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. >> greta: mr. secretary, explain this
FOX News
Feb 11, 2011 6:00am EST
arabia king had a terse conversation with president obama yesterday and being described as serious strain between the two leaders with regard to what is going to happen in egypt. king abdullah goes back in time with mubarak and hey, if the united states appears to be throwing out a leader this quickly in egypt, what would they do if there was an uprising in saudi arabia. >> brian: he said obama administration no matter what you decide to do with hosni mubarak, you have to understand the degree of pride this guy has. hoe feels you have not factored in that for him to leave the post and quickly change leadership. >> steve: you mention pride, brian. there is an element of egyptian who have pride in hosni mubarak. he was a war hero and they don't want him to go. there is that element as well and also a element that is supportive of the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood are for sharia law and tearing up the treaty with israel. james clapper talked about the muslim brotherhood saying it was largely secular which is isn't. listen to what he said. >> >> speaking about the muslim brotherh
Feb 8, 2011 9:00am EST
's senior white house correspondent ed henry kicks off our coverage. president obama just passed the two-year mark in office. is he likely to face a liberal primary challenge? >> well, that's a big question for this president. and the new cnn opinion research corporation poll suggests he is highly unlikely to face a primary challenge. that would be good news, obviously, for this white house. look at these numbers. 78% of democrats now saying that their choice for the democratic nomination in 2012 is president obama. only 20% saying they want another democrat. now why is that important? since 1968, there have been four incumbent presidents who faced a primary challenge. all four either stepped aside, retired, didn't run again, or just lost outright lost in the general election. this is a big deal. if he does not have a primary challenge, it makes him a lot stronger in 2012. >> the republicans, seems like a wide open field of candidates. have they come anywhere close to unifying behind just one? >> reporter: no. they are nowhere close to being unified behind a candidate but what is interes
Feb 11, 2011 9:00am EST
some because late 2009 into early 2010 as obama's numbers were taking across-the-board on all the issues. one issue, barack obama had a plurality of support and approval on terrorism and national security. the question is this why did this politics happen when the reality everyone seems to be otherwise to answer that we have pat caddell and john mclaughlin. >> hi am not trusting with anything mechanical. >> you are setting me up for the fall. >> watching what is happening in egypt this could not be a more perfect panel. watching president obama reminds me of charlie brown and the football. every time you think he is gone he is back. the point joel just made that is important to discuss, we are here on behalf of secure america now organization when you go to their web site, in the same spirit of my friend richard dreyfuss who are am happy to see here. we are stunned by a lot of people for being here but the idea of this group is a grassroots to new group and grass-roots effort to developed -- to secure america, input into our political discourse the point joel just made. 9% of
Feb 13, 2011 7:00am EST
. host: thank you for your call. earmjarks if they are not made in congress, does obama get to direct spending? back-to-back "the new york times. next is a caller from dallas, texas, good morning, independent line. caller: is this for me? good morning. i don't have too much to said. i have a comment. i just want to say that i don't know too much about these politics. the question i have is why is everything having to do with the poor have to be cut concerning how the poor. i believe that people want to work and we need jobs here in america. this is like our birthright of america has been deeded over to foreigners. this is our country first. it is not that they are not welcome here. you want to believe that the president has a heart, that he is cutting the most important things. you just don't know with the gop power and the conservative people that are constantly on him. for those who are tired of the poor, let us have the training to have the wall street jobs. i'm sure it would not take too much to catch on making lots of money. thank you very much. host: here is another point -- nex
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 4:00pm EST
obama announcing economic sanctions against the regime saying the united states will freeze billions of dollars in government assets. the economic vice may get tighter. the united nations is holding a weekend session and they are debating a resolution that would impose their own sanctions. julie banderas is covering that angle. >> julie: they are honing to get a vote while there is a broad support for a draft resolution to impose international sanctions against muammar khadafy's government. some countries remain split over whether to refer the issue to the rarely used international criminal court. at a closed-door meeting, china right now is the only country still objecting to an immediate icc referral which would include an investigation of crimes against humanity committed by khadafy against his people since february 15th. the crackdown has resulted in the killings of at least a thousand civilians. meantime, the u.n. resolution was drafted by u.k. and france that would include an arms embargo freezing assets and a travel ban against khadafy, his family and top lieutenant commanders
Feb 16, 2011 4:30am EST
protesters have been killed. yesterday, president obama criticized the iranian government. >> what has been true in egypt should be true in iran, which is that people should be able to express their opinions and their grievances, and seek a more responsive government. what's been different is the iranian government's response. which is to shoot people and beat people and arrest people. >> the iranian government had said it supports the uprisings in tunisia and egypt. >>> now to some disturbing news about one of our colleagues. cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara logan is recovering from a brutal attack she suffered while covering events in egypt. this is logan in cairo's tahrir square on friday night just before the assault. logan was separated from her crew, and security, in the crush of the mob that surrounded them. in a statement cbs news said she suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault, and beating. logan was saved by a group of women, and egyptian soldiers. she has returned to the u.s., and is recovering in a hospital. >>> this morning, the pakistani government says a u.s.
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 6:00am EST
is a national security threat to the united states is what president obama says as he places sanctions on libya and freezes the assets of qaddafi. will the dick state ten down? >> wisconsin governor walker says public employee pink slips are signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered if the runaway democrats don't come back. and vote. will this bring them home? >> and governor chris christie continues his budget battle with the people of new jersey. >> supposed to be able to replace the money not put in there but i have no place to get it. >> more from townhall from "fox and friends" right now. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. peter johnson is heater today. >> happy to be here. >>alisyn: you are far away from me. come over here! >> she asks me to move further away on a regular basis. >> we do need to talk about the news because so much is happening in libya. they say this is the blood oft of all the revolutions we have seen so far in the middle east and it has been horrible what has been happening, carnage and people would were praying at mosques who were fired on by q
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